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Fascinating and modern video trainings offer an unbeatable learning experience. With attractive videos, the trainee can store information much better, and later retrieve and use more efficiently.


With People Council, your business gets the innovative edge, which will make your employees faster learners, more proficient in the job they perform, and more stability and prosperity to the organization.

  • Pre-recorded online tutorials: Choose from our library of audio/video presentations, each focusing on a different aspect of your business and operation process. Train at your own pace: rewind, pause, fast foward. And because they're online, you can access our tutorials whenever it's convenient for you.
  • Online group training sessions: People Council offers several opportunities for you to join other users around the world for live online group training sessions through our meeting facilities.

    Scroll through upcoming sessions to find a topic you want to learn more about and click through to the registration page.

  • Individual training sessions: Do you have a special training request that's best handled in a one-on-one live session with a training representative? Simply let us know and we can schedule it.
Take advantage of our video training services and find out just what you can do really.