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If you have a good idea on a project we could start working on, or if you know of an individual or a community of people which might need our assistance, or an issue that requires our attention, please, do share your idea with us. If your project proposal meets our criteria, we will be more than happy to be of help.


> download a 'New Project' submittal form (pdf)
> learn about how we manage the process of funding


1. Every new project needs to be submitted by using the official form, and delivered by regular mail to the organization's official mailing address.

2. We reserve 60 days period for evaluating and reviewing your new project proposal. Depending on the number and quality of new proposals, we will contact you immediately or let you know in writing.

3. Your new project proposal should be in line with our mission and beliefs. All proposals revealing any signs of intended discrimination, terrorism, child abuse, and similar, will be rejected immediately.

4. Your new project should highlight benefits for the individual and/or the community you are inteding to help. Projects, which fail to demonstrate these benefits clearly, shall not be considered further.

5. We always look for available resources. Since we network with our partners and consultants to find working solutions, you agree that People Council may disclose the information in your proposal to third parties.