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People Council assists and helps disabled with their job placement and guides them through the process in and between jobs. We provide tailored support to people going through change.
With disabled, we spend time looking in detail at their priorities, values and interests. We think about longer-term possibilities or ambitions, deciding to change career. We review their network, update CVs, and research your options.

Personal Review | Priorities | Research & Networking
Preparing for Success | Decision Making | Sustaining Results

Standing back and taking a look at the situation. We help people understand, quantify and describe their personal strengths and skills, look in detail at their values, and explore issues related to the transition.

This area of work engages people in the future, enables them to build confidence and motivation and consider their own capabilities and preferences.

We work with clients to decide where to focus their attention and energy.

This encourages each person to take a realistic look at their current situation. We help people consider what is important in the short, medium and longer term and relate this to what they value most.

Building and extending internal and external networks and relationships and deepening understanding of chosen area(s).

We work with our clients to complete a thorough review of their relationships, networks, networking skills and preferences. This is often a very productive and overlooked area.

Designing personal marketing strategies and positioning each person for success.

This area of work focuses on how each client appears to their chosen audience(s) and encourages them to build productive and enjoyable working relationships. We provide voice and impact coaching support if required.

We provide an independent and objective sounding board to our clients as they decide which of their chosen options to take forward.
We work with each client to ensure that short term results can lead to longer term successes. Our objective is to help each client maintain motivation during their first three months in any new role, the implementation of any significant decisions or period of transition.