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We have local and internation experience in delivering professional training. Our curriculum is offered in both classroom and distance formats that meet the needs of organizations and individuals.
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Our services and products are mainly designed for companies and organizations wishing to make their business more effective, flexible and responsive.
With every prospect we conduct an initial assessment session and/or audit at later period. We focus on evaluating the current situation in the prospect's business, measure, and propose alternatives or desired outcomes. Later we sit down and together we will design the most vital solution for your area of business.

If you are a company or organization, please, view the following:
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People Council offers an opportunity for those wishing to expand their business to serve as an
- intermediary between People Council and end user or client ;
- supplier and/or provider of products and/or services to end user or client through People Council.
All applicants wishing to become a contractor must follow guidelines and directions issued by People Council so that our organization can meet the quality assurance standards. Our contracting department accepts contractor applications January through November.

To request contractor application with detailed guidelines and directions, please, contact us at .

If you are an individual interested in services of People Council, you may as well apply for programs and become a client of People Council.
Eventhough we provide services for companies and organizations, we will gladly serve individuals. Since we normally do not hold programs open to public (unless specified otherwise), depending on the number of requests we will organize an open program or accomodate you in the internal program.

As an individual, please use a simple contact form and we will contact you with further details.
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